What are the different in person assistance roles?

Navigators: Navigators have a vital role in helping Alaskans enroll Alaskans in coverage through the Health Care Marketplace. This includes finding out if a person qualifies for insurance affordability programs (including a premium tax credit, cost sharing reductions, Medicaid and Denali Kid Care). If they’re eligible, Navigators help Alaskans get enrolled in these programs.

Navigators also provide outreach and education to the public to raise awareness about the Health Care Marketplace, and they can refer Alaskans to other assistance programs when necessary.

Our Navigators are local residents working within their community and they also travel and provide outreach to the surrounding communities in their region.


Certified Application Counselors

The Federally-facilitated Marketplace designates Certified Application Counselors to perform many of the same functions as Navigators and that includes educating people and helping them complete an application for coverage.

Certified Application Counselors can be found at health centers, hospitals, or social service agencies.


This is a service available to everyone at no cost, to locate assistance nearest you visit Find Local Help or call 211.


Items to bring to your appointment: 

  • Social Security Number(s)
  • Residency Status
  • Date(s) of Birth
  • Employer and income information
    • Examples include W-2 form or current pay stubs or your tax return. This is needed to find out how much savings on your monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs are eligible for.
  • Policy numbers for any current health insurance plans covering you or members if your household.
  • Your email address


Need help with renewing your health insurance policy for 2015? 

All health insurance plans will be available for renewal thru the health insurance marketplace. Please be sure to save any correspondence you receive related to your policy (mail, emails, notifications). Visit a Navigator or Certified Application Counselor today for help!