To get the most out of using your health insurance at the pharmacy, consider the following tips:


Use the same pharmacy


By filling your prescriptions at the same location, your pharmacist will ensure that your medications are being given properly and that you are receiving proper instructions for taking them.


Be prepared to show your ID


You will be required to show your ID when picking up some medications from the pharmacy.


Know the name and address of your pharmacy to tell doctors at appointments


Your doctor will contact the pharmacy during your appointment so your medications will be ready for you to pick up. Be ready to tell your doctor both the name and the street address of the pharmacy.


Take the bottles or a list of medications to all doctor appointments


Your doctor needs to know all the medications that you’re taking in order to manage your prescriptions. Drug names are confusing! Bring a written list or the bottles that your medicines come in to each appointment with your doctor.


Sometimes you’ll pay a small co-pay for your medications


This cost is generally $10-$30 per prescription. Some prescriptions will be free through your health coverage. Your health plan can tell you what you’ll pay.


Ask about drug assistance programs to help with the cost of medication.


If you have insurance, only a few companies will provide free medication. If you have very high co-pays, drug assistance programs may be able to help.